Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Certified Digital Marketing Professional
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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Program Highlights


Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing Components , Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing , Stages of Digital Marketing , How to Creating Visibility, Getting Traffic, Engaging Traffic, Conversions , Analysis or Measurement , Retention , Main Channels of Digital marketing


Lead Optimization

Importance of Lead generation for a business , Steps in Lead generation , Various modes of generating a lead , Types of landing pages , Creating a lead magnet , Landing page v/s Web page , Checking effectiveness of landing pages through A/B testing , Process of Lead nurturing .


Web Development Strategy

Types of Websites , Domain names , Domain extensions , Different types of domain extensions , web hosting , Types of web servers , SSL certificate , Linking your domain with hosting , Website Designing (WordPress) , Creating an account on WordPress(CMS) , Choosing a theme for your website


Search Engine Optimization

Basics of SEO , About Search Engines , Understanding the SERPs , Importance of SEO , SEO Techniques , Types of SEO , Google Algorithm Updates , Some useful SEO tools , Local SEO , Keyword Research , Keyword Research Technique , Competitors Analysis , Google Keyword Planner, On Page Optimization, Meta Tags Creation, Sitemap Creation , Use of robots.txt , Canonical Optimization , Google Webmaster Integration , Google Analytics Integration


Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to Online advertising , Google AdWords / PPC advertising , Types of Google AdWords Advertising , How costs are calculated in AdWords , AdWords Basics , Introduction to Keyword Research , Difference between SEO & PPC keywords , Types of PPC Keywords , Select Targeted/related Keywords , Analyze Competitors keywords , Create ads and campaigns , Managing Campaigns , Ads and Approvals , Budget and Bids Keyword Optimization , Optimizing the Campaign , Payment methods


Social Media Optimization

Introduction to Social Media , Power of social media , Social Media Strategy , Brand Management Strategies , Network Profile Creation , Best Sites for SMO , Setting Social Objectives , Integration with your site , URL Shortening Tools , GOOGLE+ Optimization , Face Book Marketing , Twitter Marketing, Linked In Marketing , Instagram Marketing, SlideShare , You Tube Marketing .



Google Analytics , Search Console , Bing Webmaster Tools, Website Speed Test , Website Compress, Duplicate Content , URL Shorten, Keyword Planner , Mind Mapple , Moz Explorer , Soolve , Tweek your Biz , Portent , Google Coorelate , Google Trendz, Uber Suggest , Sem Rush , A/ B Split Testing , Mail Chimp , Elementor ,Coogle , Keyword Tools ,SEO Quake , Buzz Sumo , etc.


E Mail Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing , Types of Emails , Types of Email Marketing , Various software’s for Email Marketing , Difference between Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in , Types of Conversion , Creating an account for Email marketing , Setting up a campaign , Publishing forms on your landing pages , Creating forms , broadcasting , Creating a newsletter for broadcasting , Automation , Click rate , Tricks on how to land email in inbox instead of spam ,


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing , What is Inbound Marketing?, Website Optimization , Checklist & SEO , How to Do Email Marketing Right , Getting Started with Social Media , Creating Original Content , Sales & Inbound Marketing , How Inbound Marketing Affects Sales , Understanding the Website’s Role in the Sales Funnel , How to Approach Inbound Leads via Email , Using Social Media for Sales , Using Content to Delight and Renew Customers



Blogging , What is blogging? , Purpose of blogging , Choosing blogging platforms , Discovering your blog’s focus & theme , Developing & designing blog website , Installation of WordPress , Front and Backend of WordPress , Managing Front and Backend of WordPress , Installing themes in WordPress , Managing Posts and Pages in WordPress


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization , Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization , Components of CRO , Best Practices , Understanding Your Customer , Goal Setting , Debunking Myths , Optimization Plan , User Experience & funnel Optimization , Reducing Bounce Rates & Exit Rates.


Digital Marketing Sales

Digital marketing strategy , Ebusiness strategy , Multichannel marketing strategy , Improve results , Review your current approach ,Apply analytics , Learn best practice ,What is freelancing? , Benefits of freelancing , Top freelancing portals , Grabbing projects as a freelancer , Bidding strategy

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What Our Awesome Trainees Said About Us?

Devendra Singh

Digital Marketing Manager
I start shaping my career with the guidance of Rohan Sir at early stage. With their instructions i focus on particular industry & job role which helps me to bring best skill set required in the industry. Thanks Rohan Sir.

Anil Bansal

Owner Bansal Furniture
I am glad that i am a part of that Digital Marketing Institute & the training content is enrich & exact match the industry needs . Delivery methodology is unmatched from other institutes. Thanks DIGIPRO Marketing Academy.

Rakshita Mathur

Digital Marketing Intern (Radission Blu)
Rohan Sir is a excellent trainer who is very well equip in the field of Digital Marketing Trainings. I had an extremely enriching experience in the training. I am sure that I make better decision related to Digital Marketing Profession.

Career Pathways

About DigiPro Marketing Academy

A Premium Digital Marketing Academy

DigiPro – A Premium Digital Marketing Academy is an initiative of Professional Training Academy in the year 2014 to impart training in the field of Digital Marketing & equipped trainees to develop their core skills needed in their advance career development. Our Founder is develop an intensive course content with the help of industry participants . DigiPro is an ideal platform for any trainee to start their digital marketing career development. DigiPro have a vision to equip trainees and provide strong skill sets . DigiPro is providing Training & separate consulting wings which provide trainees to get proper internship with different real time projects . DigiPro keys area of expertise is Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategy, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management.

Digital Marketing Certification Partners


Facebook Certifications

Digital Marketing Manager increase emphasis and budgets on most of the social media platforms especially Facebook. So Facebook Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of products and services. Earn credentials to distinguish yourself in the world of digital marketing by becoming a Facebook certified professional.


Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certification. They certified professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body.The Digital Marketing Institute Certification Framework defines the digital certification and progressions routes available to students, professionals, educators and industry.


Bing Adwords Certifications

Bing also introduced PPC advertising to compete google ad words & Bing have also have PPC advertising courses cover everything you need to know to become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. These certifications guide you through the fundamentals of search engine marketing, from starting your first search advertising campaign to optimization and managing your budget. Bing accreditation exam to enjoy the member benefits which increase your Bing Ads proficiency, Optimize ad campaigns.


Google Adwords Certifications

The Ad Words certification exams are designed to test your knowledge of online advertising best practices and Ad Words.The Ad Words certification exams are designed to test your knowledge of basic and advanced online advertising concepts, including the following Value proposition of online advertising , Campaign setup and management , Measurement , Optimization . An Ad Words certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.


Adobe Digital Marketing Certifications

Adobe certification in digital marketing is transforming the digital landscape. Learn how to bring data, creativity and content together to create powerful experiences for your customers.Get certified in any number of Adobe creative and analytic products.With Adobe digital marketing accreditation, you’ll access the expertise to help your organization accelerate and elevate your digital transformation and build the critical skills needed to execute.


Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certifications

Inbound Marketing is the real essence of todays world where customer is king and push marketing styles are no more effective in the digital marketing world. HubSpot Academy’s provide valuable Inbound Certification course features with four stages of the Inbound Marketing Methodology. From optimizing your website for more search traffic, to landing page anatomy that generates more leads, this free course and certification exam covers the fundamentals of inbound.

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Founder of DigiPro Marketing Academy

They are passionate about what they do & have your success in mind

We are focus on our approach distinctive and our teaching tools highly conducive to better learning, but our trainers are highly skilled professionals. All our trainers are certified or post-graduate degree holders with expertise that cover fields such as web developers, marketing experts & digital marketing strategiest. They also boast years of proven work experience. Carefully selected and continuously evaluated, our trainers are all members of professional societies and associations and regularly attend relevant events that can further improve their already impressive skills.

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent & ability in within you , that you seen in yourself. and helps bring it out of you“

Dean , Corporate PGDM - Digital Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Professional , Google Certified

Founder of DigiPro

About Programs

Professional Programs

Certified Financial Planner is an ace program for those who wants to become financial doctor for every individual who want to strengthen our financial goals and help them to achieve . Certified Financial Planner program covers Investment Planning, analytical skills, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, risk & insurance planning

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Chartered Market Technician are ideal for those professionals who want to explore in depth knowledge & practical implication of Technical Analysis & investment Analysis. Professional Training Academy design the preparation in modules which make them easier for student to understand the concept in practical. Our Institute provide the real time market and portfolio exposure to all CMT students to develop their independent research.

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Blended Programs

Professional Training Academy introduced Certified Market Professional program for those who want to start their career in the field of Stock Markets, Portfolio Management, Equity Research & Derivative Analyst. Certified Market Professionals are required by stock brokers, investment firms & wealth Management Companies.
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Professional Training Academy offers Certified Banking Professional which incorporate Financial Analysis, Wealth Management, Banking & Financial Services under the aegis of International Certification Partners. Curriculum design, study material provision, and examination are the unmatched within competitors.

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In order to address the need of qualified Credit professionals in the industry and leverage our experience in Credit Advisory domain, Professional Training Academy “Course for Credit professionals” which is designed to prepare for a career in Banking & Finance specially Credit.

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Professional Training Academy is establish and first introduced program in their training journey is Technical Analysis. Certified Technical Professional is program which is best suited for those who are already in markets or want to start trading or investment in the markets. This program provide all practical and conceptual understanding to deal with financial markets.


Certifications Programs

NISM Certification creates a common Threshold knowledge benchmark for all associated person registered as investment advisers, partners and representatives of investment advisers, under SEBI(Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and offers investment advisory services. Know the basics of investment advisory, steps in the advisory process, making and implementation of financial plan. Understand how to evaluate different products, their suitability.Get oriented to the Income tax, Wealth tax and legalities of Estate.Understanding the structure and performance of securities markets & importance of assets allocation & portfolio management.

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NISM Certification are designed for professionals employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets. These examinations are mandatory as a vocational qualification by SEBI for all employees of Intermediaries. NISM Certification main aim to provide conceptual understanding of financial markets & mechanism of capital markets.

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Microsoft Office Certification provide analytical skills for those who are looking to use Microsoft Office. Differentiate yourself with this competency as a proven expert in Office Skills. Microsoft Office Certification provide a extra edge to the candidate which prove her expertise in the use of Microsoft office .Get hired, demonstrate clear business impact, and advance your skills. Microsoft offers a wide range of online certification programs designed to take your career to the next level.

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Cambridge Business English Certification target different levels. The Content for each exam is based on every day work and business tasks and is designed to develop your business English skills.Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. It combines the experience and expertise of Cambridge English Language Assessment.Cambridge English is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to delivering educational excellence,providing increased opportunities for learners and teachers, offering value to teachers, educational institutions and employers,promoting language learning to benefit society as a whole.

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Digital Marketing Programs

Certified Digital Marketing Professional is an complete program for those who want to handle their own website or want to start an business online . Digipro provide every aspect of digital marketing to equip them to handle their website marketing independently.

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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is ideal for those who want to become digital marketing professional or managers in the digital marketing agencies and want to manage all aspect of digital marketing under his control. As digital marketing agencies or independent companies requires lot of expertise, knowledge and work experience in a digital marketing manager.

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