How to create an Email campaign in Mailchimp

1.log in & create account on mail chimp

First of all for utilize mail chimp online platform you have to create the account on mail chimp website or sign-up with your email address and user-name, password.  That gives you access of mail chimp platform and its features and templates.

2. create a regular email campaign

A campaign is advertising message that you share through email or promotion. In mail chimp, most client begin with a regular email campaign, which is a mass email sent to contact without a moment’s delay. When you make a regular email campaign in mail chimp, you’ll utilize a checklist-style campaign builder to include recipients, pick your settings, and design your content.

3. create a campaign

To create a regular email campaign, follow these steps:

  • Drive to the campaigns page.
  • Click create campaign.
  • Tap on create an email.
  • At the Regular tab, Type a campaign name and click Begin.
  • This will take you to the campaign builder, where you’ll pick your setting and design your content.

4. Setup and Design

Mail chimp campaign builder is intended to give you a chance to work on different parts of your campaign in the order you choose, and review everything on the double before you send:

There are four primary activities before you can send.

  • Add your recipients into the segment.
  • In the drop down menu, choose list you want send.
  • Include your from name and from email address in the from segment.
  • Include your subject line in the subject segment.
  • Design your email in the content block.

As Each Undertaking Is Finished, A Green Checkmark Will Appear Next To The corresponding section.

A. Add Recipients

To choose your recipients, follow these steps:

  • In to the segment, click Add Recipients.
  • In the List drop-down menu, select the list you want to send to.
  • In the Segment drop-down menu, choose all subscribers on list, Group or new segment, or one of the available saved or pre-built options.
  • Optional: Check the Personalize the “To” field box to display the recipient’s name rather than of their email address. This is more personal and may enable you to maintain a strategic distance from spam filters.

After you check the box, you’ll choose a merge tag that corresponds with the list data you want to display in the “To” field. For example, if you choose *|FNAME|*, a recipient named Bob will see “To: jack” instead of “To:” The default options are *|FNAME|*, *|LNAME|*, and *|FNAME|* *|LNAME|*, but you can click Custom to enter an alternate tag or text.

  • Click Save.

B. Add From Name and From Email Address

 To set you’re from name and from email address, follow these steps:

  • In the from section of the Campaign Builder, click Add From.
  • Enter your from name and email address.
  • Click Save.

C. Add Subject

 To set your subject line and optional preview text, follow these steps:

  • In the Subject segment of the Campaign Builder, click Add Subject.
  • In the Subject field, enter a subject line for your email.
  • In the Preview text field, you can enter up to 150 characters that will show
  • Alongside your subject line in recipients’ inboxes. This field is optional.

  • Click Save.

D. Design Email

 To design the content for your campaign, follow these steps:

  • In the Content segment of the Campaign Builder, click Design Email.
  • Select a template to begin with.

       You’ll see five categories of templates: Layouts, Themes, Saved, Campaigns, and Code your own. To know more about each, investigate Types of Templates.

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