How to Design Email Template in Mailchimp

When you create an email campaign in mail chimp, you’ll normally start with one of mail chimp’s templates. Choose from a variety of options designed with various business objective and styles, or code your own particular template starting with no outside help.

To create your personalized template in mail chimp, follow these step:

  • On the dashboard at menu section, click on template menu.
  • Then click on create template button at the top right corner, and then you’ll choose your template and edit it in mail chimp editor toolbar.

1. Layout


 Featured templates were designed because of particular objective. Every template contains customizable content piece you can use to advance new things, express your brand story, send a customized follow-up-message, teach your audience about a particular service or product. Mail chimp Featured template utilize mail chimp drag and drop editor, so you can easily create customized campaigns to suit your requirements.

You can also get access of these templates in features template In campaign builder:

  • Sell product

Market line of product or push advance seasonal items.

  • Make announcement

Offer insights about a deal, occasion, or other enormous news.

  • Tell a story

Send a newsletter to tell individuals what you’ve been doing.

  • Follow up

Send a customized email to individuals who have engaged in with you.

  • Educate

Educate people about your products or share knowledge related any topic.


mail chimp basic template combine empty layout with the campaign builder’s drag and drop editor, so you have you full control over the layout  of your campaign. Essential template are accessible in general and full width variants. Full width formats expand the background of each campaign segment over the whole width of the customer it’s being seen in.

2. Themes

Mail chimp collaborated with probably the most skilled designers on the web to bring you lovely predesigned layouts that are easy to utilize. It is also use drag and drop editor, so you can additionally modify your campaign design. Themes include templates related to e-commerce, events, holiday and notification and many more. 

3. saved template

This tab incorporates templates you upload on the template page of your account, and any design that you saved as template for future campaign.

4. code your own

In the event that you have a uniquely coded format, click code your own particular to paste in your code, import it from a ZIP file, or import it from a URL. Incorporate mail chimp template language in your code to change the design of the campaign with mail chimp campaign builder.

Design your template in mail chimp editor

Mail chimp gives a distinctive customization template to enable you to make correct look for your email marketing. Mail chimp template builder makes it include your logo and pick different colors and fonts, so you can make a reusable template for your future email campaign. In the mail chimp editor you can do following things that given below.


After you pick a template, you’ll proceed onward to the design step of the content section. Utilize content block to include and arrange content and format text, upload images, link to files. All template display placeholder text and images to enable you to start to design your campaign.  You can include, erase, move, and duplicate substance squares to make the look and feel you need.


Mail chimp drag and drop editor manager enable you to copy, erase, and rearrange content pieces on the fly. Drag and drop a collection of content block into your format and rework them to custom -make the look and feel of your campaign.


The most ideal approach to add text to your campaign is to directly type it into the content block sheet. On the off chance that you want to work outside of the Campaign Builder, for that you can copy and paste your content from simple text editor just like notepad.

Keep away from rich-content word-handling programs, similar to Word or Publisher. They add styling code to the content that can block your capability to style content in the Campaign Builder.

If the content has just been added to your campaign and you didn’t utilize the Paste as plain content choice, or if content doesn’t refresh when you apply styling to your content, click Clear Styles and attempt once more.


Utilize the clear styles alternative to delete any clashing formatting or styles that were carry when you included content. This only erase the formatting that has been applied to your text and does not remove the content itself.

To clear formatting from your content, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the text content block you need to edit.
  2. Tap on the edit button to edit the content block.
  3. In the Content tab, highlight the content you need to change.
  4. In the edit toolbar, click clear style.


Styles and settings for your campaign layout can be connected from a couple of different places.Each segment in your email campaign is associated with another in an order so the styles you set in one zone of the Campaign Builder may impact distinctive sections.


Each template is separated into various segments, similar to the pre-header, body, and footer. You can apply styles to these segments on the Design tab in the Campaign Builder. At the point when styles are applied to a segment, they are additional applied to all content blocks in that segment.


If you need one of your content block to have distinctive styling from other content block in the segment, open that content block and set preferences on the styling and setting tabs for that content block. Styles you apply here will override the style for the section that content block is in.


Utilize the editor toolbar in each content block to adjust the styling on a line-by-line premise. Changes you make here will override any styles you’ve set for that content block or segment.

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