Top 10 Email Marketing tools


 MailChimp is the world’s greatest marketing stand for fine business. It democratize leading edge marketing technology for fine businesses, Producing innovative outcome that certify thier customers to develope. Millions of colonize and businesses approximately the world faith MailChimp to release the right content, to the right being, at the right designate, at the right time. 

  • You can make objective email or ad campaigns, automate kindly result follow-ups, and send back-in-stock communication.
  • It’s Social Media ads give their customer the might to impact a wider audience and develope your bottom line in a couple quick steps.
  • You can make stunning, mobile-friendly landing pages that make it easy for people to buy your products or join your list.
  • Its mobile app give a choice of content-based templates to help you create and send campaigns that appeal your marketing preforce right from your phone or tablet.
  • It gives you refined reporting attribute you can access anywhere right from the app or website.

For New Business it gives you forever free plan that works fine up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month for a single account.

For Growing Business and for Pro marketer it gives-

  • 0 – 500 subscribers with unlimited emails for ?688.11 p/m,
  • 501 – 1,000 subscribers with unlimited emails for ?1,032.17 p/m,
  • 1,001 – 1,500 subscribers with unlimited emails for ?1,376.22 p/m and
  • 1,501 – 2,000 subscribers with unlimited emails for ?1,720.28 p/m.

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VibeMail are a supreme mass email providers in India their email marketing service delivers
advance inbox delivery. Economical mass email service is responsible with high uptime and customer support. Attain advanced qualitative deliverability for users. Certify the seller and buyer association with most genuine and helpful delivery electronic tools with a bunch of email delivery software as a skilled solution.

  • It gives you wide variety of Built-in Email templates and Newsletter Singup Form.
  • It gives you Real-time reports and Google Analytics Integration in it.
  • It can also Provide Built-in Spam checker and Duplicate Email Id Filtration from the campaigns.
  • It give access to Easy, and Automatic Unsubscribes and Automatic Bounce Handling.
  • It can Import Contacts in Bulk and can handle Unlimited Lists.

With Email Credits and DIY newsletter tool it provide you 50000 mails for a month in ?2000.

With Email Credits, DIY newsletter tool, Unlimited contacts, IP Reputation Engine, Real-time tracking,and Technical Support it offers-

  • 1,00,000 mails for unlimited contacts at ?3000 /mo,
  • 2,00,000 mails for unlimited contacts at ?5200 /mo,
  • 3,00,000 mails for unlimited contacts at ?7500 /mo,
  • 5,00,000 mails for unlimited contacts at ?10900 /mo and
  • 10,00,000 mails for unlimited contacts at ?20900 /mo.

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Juvlon is the Industry foremost Email Marketing platform, Juvlon is nowdays a robust stand, outfit with the state of the art framework, 24 x 7 constent connectivity to the internet, and recursive configuration. We devotion email marketing and we are buff around permission-based marketing. We would not bear to receive immaterial bulk emails in our inbox and accept that our clients and customers shouldn’t get them further.

  • It provide you personalised editor with templets and easy to make your desired design.
  • It gives you real-time tracking and analytics with live records.
  • It provide many functions to manage your contact list.
  • It gives facility for spam management or email authentication.
  • It provide marketing automation and behaviour based emails.
  • 5,000 mails at ?1000 /mo,
  • 50,000 mails at ?6000 /mo,
  • 1,00,000 mails at ?8700 /mo,
  • 2,00,000 mails at ?15700 /mo and
  • 3,00,000 mails at ?22000 /mo.
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Power Mailer

PowerMailer is an email marketing platform that enables us to make professional personalised designed of newsletters and email campaings with couples of clicks, we can easily manage your subscribers lists to convey the desired email campaigns you want with live records analysis and tracking, no rocket science, no further methods, no such complications. IT’s Simple…

  • Its easy to create email and send them to the peers.
  • Simply send mails and track and analyze the records.
  • Easy access of subscribers and managing lists.
  • 2,500 mails at ?850 /mo,
  • 5,000 mails at ?1290 /mo,
  • 10,000 mails at ?2190 /mo,
  • 25,000 mails at ?4490 /mo,
  • 50,000 mails at ?6790 /mo and
  • 1,00,000 mails at ?9990 /mo.

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Techenetto Email Marketing

Technetto Email Marketing assist fine businesses, nonprofits organisations, and associations connect with their clients, customers, and members. Started in 2010, Technetto Email Marketing booster the wants of fine organizations and delivers them an easy and reasonable way to raise successful, prepetual customer relationships.
Technetto’s more than email marketing experts, They’re innovators. There main propose is to perfect thiers email marketing service, but they also observe social media, Web 2.0 and search engine optimization (SEO) just so there totally Web-based platform is skilled compatible with the Internet community.

  • It gives you option to choose from hundreds of HTML Email Templates in their drag-and-drop editor platform.
  • It provide even transactional email recommend that is scalable, reliable, easy to implement, Integrated and Highly Scalable Email Infrastructure.
  • It gives detailed analytical reporting with open and click tracking and effectively managed unsubscribes and bounces.
  • It can importing mailing list is easier than ever with Text File, CSV (Comma Seperated Values) File and Excel File.
  • It can provide facility for controlling delivery with time travelling you can specify delivery time of your emails based on location.
  • 5,000 mails at ?100 /mo,
  • 50,000 mails at ?1225 /mo,
  • 1,00,000 mails at ?2475 /mo,
  • 2,00,000 mails at ?4975 /mo and
  • 3,00,000 mails at ?7475 /mo. is a platform that provides a technique of email & web-marketing. What they do, is help their clients retain enrich with their customers. They trust that with the decent tools, any marketing campaign or project can defeat the desired results and be a success. So, They give suitable software, customized technological platform to fit all your needs. They don’t yet, believe in customer disaffection and therefore are tough believers of best exercise like figure lists. Their services and technologies support companies recursively communicate with their subscribers online, without far need to spam them.

  • It can provide campaign execution and you can easily create and send great looking email campaigns with simple and easy to use stage.
  • It can provide campaign management that manage each of your campaign with improved features and expand your campaigns ideal efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It can provide advanced analytics with smart, advanced set of tools to expand your email campaigns ROI.
  • It can provide subscriber management with complete subscriber management in one places with all advanced tools.

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Crux Mailer

Crux Software Solutions is the foremost majority email service providers found in India, with years of skills in email marketing and constant server management for mass emailing. It is the right solution for all your bulk email marketing desires. It’s a web based and user friendly stack email marketing software integrated with our own dedicated mass email SMTP servers to provide you the finest in class bulk email marketing solution.

  • It can import from excel with their bulk email software you can denote more than 10000+ contacts in 10 minutes time apart from any other database in CSV format.
  • It will provide automatic bounce process that remove all hard bounced emails from your email list.
  • It will give you free personal training and support for all their customers by using video tutorials, desktop sharing software.
  • It can give you unlimited number of email marketing campaigns which is easy to create HTML and text based emails with our advanced HTML editor.
  • It will provide advanced anti spam checker will help you to deliver the email to more people by passing the spam filters.
  • 25000 mails at ?900 /mo,
  • 50000 mails at ?1200 /mo,
  • 100,000 mails at ?2000 /mo,
  • 200,000 mails at ?3000 /mo,
  • 300,000 mails at ?4000 /mo and
  • 500,000 mails at ?5000 /mo.

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MailGet Bolt is a major email marketing service for conveying emails to your customers. You can easily get your campaign ready within couple of minutes. Thier users on an average take less than 10 minutes to setup their campaign via its online tool. With MailGet Bolt you are going to get the best deliverability frequancy. MailGet Bolt totally supports Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), giving you 2x assurance about the authenticity of your emails and gives you the best deliverability possible.

  • It will provide unlimited contact list that can be upload the data direct from CSV or TXT File.
  • It will provide identical & fake email Id filtration that will automatically filtered out the duplicate & fake Email ids from the data.
  • It gives you multiple design format and the format for design may be HTML, JPEG, PNG, GIF or Simple TEXT.
  • It can schedule campaign sending, so campaign will automatically started on the scheduled time and date.
  • It will provide live tracking system that can track all the activity, like opening ratio, sending ratio, click ratio & bounce ratio.
  • It can provide multiple IP configuration that provide you maximum inbox delivery.
  • 1 Lakh mails at ?2850 /mo,
  • 3 Lakh mails at ?8250 /mo and
  • 5 Lakh mails at ?13200 /mo.

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Kenscio gives leading edge marketing and technology solutions to businesses and enterprises by empowering materialize and one-to-one communication through Email Marketing. A comprehensive email marketing platform that put on the fundamental principle of advanced deliverability, smooth campaign management, monitoring and reporting. This result include the conclusion email marketing processes including automation of the convey time and integration of data from multiple ways to create individualized email messages.

  • It will provide deliverability fine tune your campaign with a combination of factors such as: ISP policies (ever changing), email infrastructure, throttling, bounces, content, list quality, email sending practices.
  • It can easily automate the email campaign management process for scheduling, deploying, personalization and content management program.
  • It can integrate with several other data base management systems, digital channels, and security systems.
  • It manage the complete email lifecycle including: Email design, sending, monitoring, reporting, triggered campaigns, and test strategies.
  • It analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your email marketing campaigns that let you know what is working and what needs to be fixed.

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